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The Dirty Side of Twenty-Eleven

A week after the FIFA Women’s Football World Championship the “Mud Olympics” take place on the mudflats of the river Elbe at Brunsbüttel

Brunsbüttel – On July 24th, the Mud Olympicsunite athletes from Italy, Belgium and Denmark, as well as from those German länder like Bavaria and Hesse, far from the coastal regions.

“The ladies have shown us the beautiful side of football; now the world is ready for the dirty side,” says Oliver Kumbartzky of the organizing committee, whose job might be best described as Chief Referee.

A ‘dirty’ sports event for a good cause, however. The proceeds go to the Cancer Relief Association of Schleswig-Holstein. More than 120,000 Euros have been collected over the last few years.

Traditionally, the Mud Olympics open with the Wattstock festival on the evening before. (The German Watt means 'mudflat’. For all those over forty the allusion needs no further explanation.) This attractive musical event also contributes a substantial sum to the Cancer Relief Association.

This year over 500 mud athletes have applied to take part in the Mud Olympics. A few hours after the list of participants had been opened on January 1st, the list had already to be closed.

Here is the agenda

for July, 24th:

•10 a.m. a quiet pint before •10.30 a.m. divine service, held by Reverend Edgar Huhn (retired). This year there will be a baptism as well. •11.45 a.m. the mud athletes make their entrance. • The sports events proper last from 1 p.m. to 4.30 p.m., approximately. They feature mud football, mud volleyball, and mud handball. This year another attraction has been added: The Formula Mud Sledge Race.

If you expected mud wrestling among the events, however, you have come to the wrong shop. Try Hamburg for that.

At 5 p.m. The Mud Olympics close when prizes are given not only to the winners of the various events, but also to the team with the most original outfit and the team who had to travel the longest distance.

Torsten Geerdts, Speaker of the Schleswig-Holstein parliament, will be again patron of the Mud Olympics. Chief Referee Oliver Kumbartzky is also glad to announce that TV personality Yared Dibaba will support him in the running commentary of the events.

G.H. Peters

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